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la ascensión del gran mal

david b. · sins entido

For those of you who read the El Mundo supplement on Sundays. For those of you who don’t like Maitena. The story is full of loser macrobiotics who have it all. It’s full of people who were poor in past lives. The book was first published in France five years ago. I don’t know who I would have recommended it to in those days, but I do now: to people who feel that a true declaration of love is more than giving the other half the keys to your pad, introducing them to Mum or lending them your car. This is for those who think that true love is letting your other half answer your mobile phone calls.


eguraldiaz hizketan

mikel peruarena ansa · elkar

This is for the people out there who think that the more poets suffer the more beautiful their poetry. The poems without the sharpened knife of sex hanging over their head are much more beautiful in this book. Just as the smothered sighs protesting at loneliness are much more aesthetic than kisses. Anari, Dut and the radio make up the soundtrack. The scenery, lonely places where you are brought to by hand and cinema theatres. There is also the odd verse of a folk song, but there’s no chorus.



A role-playing game for book lovers. You don’t have to read it to able to take part. Take a book, register it and hide it in Artikutza, The Bardeak or amongst the rocks at Gaztelugatxe. The risk-lovers can hide them at places where you may be searched by the police: at airports, banks and the rest. Wherever you want. You can follow the travels of the book and comments that have made at or at There are about 5,000 books waiting to be found in Spain at the moment. We have no definite figures for the Basque Country yet.


linterna magica

ediciones de ponent

Jorge Zentner’s story tells the tale the ups and downs of a child who discovers the Seventh Art. A kiosk, a knife-thrower, ghost ships and sailors’ tattoos. Sergio Mora’s lovely drawings illuminate the magic lantern. A little treasure, a necessary treasure.