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survive!!! the balde   OKUPGRAF (project associated with Arteleku) invited 20 individuals or groups to take part in a bit of a game. The basic idea of the game was for each one, from their own personal point of view, to answer the caption “survival posters for the first world” through text, images, drawings or signs. The posters were put up on the walls of the Bretxa Market, Donostia. The caption put forward by Okupgraf has provoked quite a few opinions and readings. Any poster worth its salt is made to be pasted onto a street wall somewhere and these are no different. The 20 posters on display have spilled over the boundaries of the exhibition and are very obviously anchored in the everyday business of survival in this world of ours. The walls have also added their grain of salt to the artists’ posters. Proof of that is the graffiti that has been scrawled on a few (really rounds off the Okupgraf concept). Knives have also left their mark on a few of the posters and the everyday hustle and bustle of the market has dirtied and stunk them up a little. The posters have been a great success insofar that they have been able to captivate people’s attention.

A man out for a stroll comments to a barman beside the Bretxa: “They’ve respected them quite a lot. When I saw them for the first time I didn’t think they’d last out the weekend.”.

Man at work cleaning: “I don’t understand them myself... well, maybe a few of them... why do you ask?”

What we heard a regular woman at the market say: “It’s just as well your over there is blind. Imagine having to work beside that everyday...”.

The survival posters project is still alive. Send your posters and proposals to: