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Animal Collective

Merriweather Post Pavilion·Domino records

Animal Collective are a band that, now and then, have been mooted as essential by the specialised press. They have been condemned to fill the space left vacant by Radiohead. On this record, Animal Collective are back with a hugely impressive bang. They shy away from transgenic sound patterns and bury themselves in colourful landscapes. 'My girl' Is an example of this, a mixture of the band's bright psychedelia with the general grown-up sounds of this new record.



Rising mountains·Bcore

The times they-are-a-changing and the concept of the 'band' is in danger of disappearing. Though they may be hard at work in other climes, this band have carved out their niche. The blessing of the critics that they lack here they achieved at the Austin South By South West festival in March. Fair enough so, they'll be the talk of the town all over the place now. Bear in mind, however, that Capsule's success is the fruit of many years' hard work. Just take a listen to 'Rising Mountains'.


Txarly Brown

Más achillifunk·Lovemonk

Txarly Brown has managed to turn Catalonian rumba on its head without actually meaning to do so. Quite a feat. He got this Achilfunk project together and basically went for it. This second record sees the mixing done by Makala, Sabo and the man Txarly himself. Rumba, soul funk, reggaeton and disco all have their place on this record. Nonetheless, the respect they show towards the gypsy roots is authentic and it's this mixture that gives the record it's international edge.


Love of lesbian


Love of Lesbian use the fourteen tracks on their new record to talk to us of a love story. That kind of explains the emotional roller-coaster ride that lies ahead. It's these very emotions that we all have felt that make the record so special. Wonderful pop gems... we weep to 'Incendios de nieve' and we laugh to "Club de fans de John Boy". The kings of pop sung In Spanish.



Decent work for decent pay·Mad Decent

I'm not the most appropriate person to speak about djs and producers' work; I tend to over-defend all that's done. That's why I'll say very little about record company - collective - Mad Decent's compilation. The only thing I'll say is that it's essential. What's more, they'll soon be premiering the film 'Flavela On Blast. We'll be there.


Checkpoint Rock

b.s.o.·Talka 2009

When we first heard that Fermin Muguruza was recording his latest record in Palestine, we never imagined it would reach the dimensions it has. We haven't seen the film yet but the soundtrack, overcoming all barriers, vividly demonstrates that the poetic strength, rock, hip hop mixed with tradition and everything from the Palestinian scene underlines just how alive these people are. This creative maelstrom is what they need to overcome their everyday impossibilities. It will help us to better understand the worlds of Dam, Safaa Arapiyat or Amal Murkus.