there is a hidden garden on the internet txo!?   The Secret Garden has lost it’s fragile balance and the situation is getting more and more desperate. Our Queen Zong-oo is worrying very much about our future. Even though it is still possible to save our garden from destruction. Please help us now and we will keep you in our hearts forever. That’s how the web-game The Secret Garden of Mutabor, created by a German designer who goes under the moniker of Yenz, starts off. In the game you have to unravel different mysteries in different scenarios. A little girl called Youmiko is your guide throughout this adventure and she will show you what the game is about, what you have to do and how to get the tools you need to carry your tasks out. And all very clearly and concisely, too. This game makes really good of use of the various advantages offered by the web page design programme Flash, such as the graphic characteristics and the zoom effects. Don’t worry if you haven’t understood any of the above because it’s all as plain as the nose on your face at the web page. Well, everything except how to see off the evil force and baddies bent on destroying the garden. You’ll have to find out how to do that all on your little ownsome.

This game was created in 1998 and won quite a few prizes when it first appeared. It is still happening – especially when you consider the short life-span of most web pages – because it was ahead of its time when it first appeared and because the actual game itself, without getting into the technical aspects of the whole thing, is really enjoyable. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s more than enough reason for us to give it a mention in these here pages.
So, get yer butts along there, get stuck into the game and enjoy yourselves. One more thing; if you find the English part of the balde a wee bit hard, you won’t get much relief at this web page: