natxo odriozola: n-system ibon aranberri-ibon salaberria   I  asier larraza Natxo Odriozola is a romantic engineer who has spent half his life building gigantic spatial structures for industrial uses. Bored out of his mind with office work it seems, he started to do a little investigating. He still hasn't lost that Robinson touch. Nature is his font of inspiration and his latest piece of work is based on the wonderful intertwining of groves of trees, trunks and branches. That's how he came up with his innovative “N-System”: a “magic box” that can bridge together and join all types of materials and elements. A structure can grow unceasingly from one point to another by using the sturdy knot method of the N-System. What's more, it's really easy to set up and take apart. Natxo basically wants to create a flexible multiuse system for building things. Back to basics, but also making use of the materials on offer to us today.
Natxo has gone public with his first prototype after having spent ten years quietly plugging away and developing his idea. Now, his first prototype has been built to full scale and in reallife surroundings. The N-System is what he has used to elevate an opened barrel on the cliffs of Igeldo. Somewhere you can observe nature from and while away some time.
Modernity wanted to change society. Social revolution and scientific spirit worked hand in hand back then. Natxo's latest creation reminds us of the same type of optimism as in those days. But dreams are made of humbler stuff. The structure recalls those first tentative attempts at building by young children in woods and bushy areas. By joining different elements together, he's come up with a sort of tree house. The N-System cupola can be pictured as this sophisticated idea or image. All you have to do is go along and see it.