vinyl dolls txo!?   It’s the year 2003 and dolls aren’t made of rags anymore.
This latest fad has winged its way over to us from Hong Kong. These dolls, a mixture of art and design, have as much to do with teenagers and adults, for whom they were created, as they do with the dolls kids play with.
You’re walking down the street when you attention is suddenly called to a doll in a shop window. The dolls you liked so much as kids are now called action figures or action dolls, but there’s definitely something special about the figure in front of you. You decide to move in and snap it up before the others around you cop what’s in the window... and uff! 500 euro for a doll. It’s not the normal price for a doll but some have been known to reach that kind of money. There aren’t too many copies of these dolls made by designers and if one becomes popular their price can shoot up. Some of these dolls belong to numbered series, and the first one in each series is usually held back by the designers. Some are to be seen in galleries and others are privately owned. That’s not always the case, however, and you can come across cheaper ones. Having said that, you definitely won’t get your hands on one for less than thirty euro.
The dolls are directly connected to drawings, comics and everyday street life. They are more than just a traditional Chinese doll; there’s something else there. They are made with the utmost care to detail and their personal characteristics can be seen in their clothes and facial traits. Expressiveness and attitude that Barbie or G.I. Joe would never achieve in their wildest dreams.
They first appeared in 1998 and they’ve started to turn up over here recently, though they don’t seem to have reached the Basque Country yet. The Yanks and Japs have started to produce these dolls as well and they have been really successful in the States and Europe. You can see what we’re on about at this little corner shop we found on the net: