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Matrix reloaded, the second round koldo almandoz   We first came across the Matrix hidden in a computer code. The Matrix: the mother programme that supposedly controls us all. Supposedly. The Matrix has caused quite a bit of debate. And all this because not only is it a metaphor of reality, it also poses some serious questions what existence really is. There's a whole philosophy surrounding the Matrix. We came up with philosophers to ask questions. Fito Rodriguez, the author of Magritek ez omen zuen pipatzen, came me a copy of the book as a present. The following was written on a page on the inside:
I have a question for you: What is the Matrix?
1) A shattered illusion?
2) A muddled picture?
3) An encaged representation?
A shattered illusion
When we read the word Matrix on that computer screen for the first time, we didn't understand it. But when we managed to unravel the code to the secret hidden in letters and numbers we realised that this mother programme was not perfect, it had its flaws. We realised it was a metaphor for reality. What we had imagined as reality crumbled into little pieces, as did the illusion of everything we had lived through. But when something disappears, something else steps in to fill the empty space left behind. We just picture something different. We chose the red pill, but is the reality that was then revealed to us then the real thing? What if it's just another illusion thrown up by the Matrix? The name of the sequel is loud and clear: Matrix RELOADED. The Matrix has just been loaded again...

A muddled picture
An illusion needs to be a bit muddled and quirky if it is to interest us. Free peoples discover what the Matrix is and choose the red pill to escape comfortable existence and get back to violent reality. The opposite happens in the film Solaris. The protagonist turns their back on reality to be with the one they love. They don't want to shatter the illusion. They want to stay and live there with the person they love. But these choices never appear to us in a logical or reasoned way. People's views of things are put across in a muddled way. A murkiness provoked by the very human traits of ignorance and doubt. This type of ambiguity and lack of definition are present in all good science fiction movies They're what make Blade Runner, Space Oddesy 2001, Solaris and Matrix interesting films: because they are unknown obscure dramas set in the future.

An encaged representation
We get to see Zion in this second instalment. Zion is the city that’s home to all those who have escaped. In Matrix Part I free people lived interactively with their virtual selves, they fought with their imprisoned representative self. In this second round, the reloaded Matrix is the enemy, but there’s no peace to be found among the free peoples of Zion either. At the end of the day, the Matrix itself is just a picture, representation and illusion based on the humans and the way they live. Just as Agent Smith said to Morpheo: “Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect world for humans? A world where no-one would suffer, a world where everybody would be happy... well, it was a disaster”.
It’s impossible for me to choose one of the three. The whole lot of them or none at all. I don’t know. Though I’m dazzled by the Matrix I’m not exactly sure what it is. And that’s what I regard as the secret behind the world created by the Watchosky brothers. We don’t fully understand it but we are drawn to it all the same. What is hidden behind the paintings? What is coded into Magrit’s drawings?
Magrit... Matrix...

Matrix Reloaded opens on May the 21st
Matrix Revolution on November the 7th

The creators of Matrix have asked nine animators to come up with their interpretation of the Matrix. The outcome: 9 incredible short cartoons from 6 to 16 minutes in length from the best animators in the world. You can see the first results at the official web page. A real luxury.