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elektra: daredevil’s lost love txo!?   We’ve had the opportunity to catch Daredevil on our cinema screens for the last while. Him and his helper Elektra, his merciless ninja killer girlfriend. Those of you who have seen the film will be asking yourselves: Ninja? Killer? Merciless? Nonsense! The woman is a wimp, and she gets taken out really stupidly. Yep, that’s about the height of it alright, but everything in this wonderful film is wimpy and well dodgy. I still think, however, that Elektra is the character that loses out the most.
Frank Miller, the man who created Elektra to appear in the monthly instalment of Daredevil as his lover, is probably on his knees in the toilet spewing up in disgust. He took her out of the world of leotards and make her the star of a series of comics called Elektra. They were more like European comics than your typical superhero ones. Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz were responsible for the incredible “Elektra Assassin” and the later “Elektra lives again”. They gave the character an amazing depth and then they left all us Elektra fans in bits afterwards. We couldn’t find another woman as merciless, as manipulative, as fiery a lover, as coolheaded and fast, as schizophrenic and darkly psycho, as damned and as effective a killer as this gal.
Miller wrote her off, twice. He came up with the character, moved her away from superhero comics and created a comic that became a reference point. He then considered the character as being fulfilled and rounded everything off by killing her in both the comic and real life.
Buf! Why kill a comic that was selling so well? At least that’s what the heads at the giant Marvel publishers thought. Even though Miller now has all the rights to his comics, when he created Elektra Marvel owned the rights to the character. They started a woeful follow-up that was a major flop. They aimed at publishing three series but it was shelved after a few issues.
These days Marvel have really gone and done the job on Elektra. They have taken all the aesthetic and literary potential Elektra had for cinema and they have flushed it down the bog. What we get instead is a lame wimpy character who looks totally laughable. Right up there with the mess they have made of the film.