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City of god

Music is often a story's best friend in a film, right up there with the editing. The composers Ed Cortes and Antonio Pinto - he composed the music for "Estacion Central Do Brasil" - have really come up with the perfect music for the film Ciudade de Deus, a story set in the lost Favelas of Rio. Even though you'll come across bossa and samba (Cartola's excellent "Preciso me encontrar"), there's a lot more than that on offer: there's plenty of room for the lively funky rhythms of the 60s and 70ss so typical of Blaxpotation films. These pulsing rhythms drive the snatches of the film's characters’ lives along. Strange as it seems, there's trip hop ("A transa") and frenetic break beat ("Morte Ze Pequeno"), but they really enhance the sequences they accompany.



Keep on your mean side

This records brims over with the essence of rock. This is an exercise in the sublime from the group made up of Alison and Jaime: it has all the sex-drenched singing and sighing and meaty riffs ala The Cramps, Iggy Pop and company that you need to shake yer bones to. The dirty garage sound they use gives it the subliminal touch. Sometimes it reeks of Jon Spencer's Boss Hog with PJ Harvey instead of Cristina Martinez ("Superstition" sounds like it could have been taken from PJ's first record) and at other times it dips into the lusting sex of John Lee Hooker and Bo Diddely ("Fuck the People"). "Keep on your mean side" could just be a must right now.




Ama, the one who gave as birth or the word that refears to love. Donostia Pop pundits Ama are made up of members from bands Le Mans and La buena Vida. They have just released their self-titled first record on Jabalina Records. This lot sail across the calm warm waters of classic pop, a little bit of electronic and the lilting tones of violin. You can just see yourself lighting up a cigarette and sipping a cup of coffee to songs like "Ha nacido una estrella", "Buenas dias tristeza" and all the others tunes to be found on this record.



Stab the unstoppable hero

en Vaughan steps in as producer on the latest record by Californian band Arlo. The record is full of enjoyable energetic songs with many a wink and a nod towards classic power pop and hard rock throughout the twelve songs that make up the record. Check out "Little American" and "Culture" to see what I'm on about. Steb the unstoppable hero, its only rock&roll but we like it.