talatik tiroka

markoz zapirain·Elkarlanean

This book by the teacher from Irun, who lives in Bermeo, has taken us by surprise. The surprise is that in this book he talks about his life without covering anything up, and as if that weren't enough his photo's on the cover. And we're not used to this sort of thing. This sort of thing isn't usual in our literature. The book is worth getting hold of because of this daring and because of the peculiar humour in some of his observations.


el rival de prometeo

sonia bueno eta marta peiranoren edizioa·inpedimenta

Since man's been man he's played at being god. And in the game, just like god, he started to make copies in his own image. At first what was only going to be an artistic representation became, little by little, and thanks to mechanics, automatons more and more like men. Many writers' texts and reflections about this interesting subject are collected in this beautiful edition. Includes works by Jacques de Vaucanson, E.T.A.Hoffmann, Edgar Allan Poe, Ambroise Bierce, Asimov, Phipil K. Dick,...


yo follé con fraga

roger·tmeo bilduma

This collection isn't new (as usual in paperpapers). New collections have followed the scheme set by the Catalan comic creator Roger, but we have decided to mention this one. Roger's critical pen and eye for examining reality and the best title given for a book in western civilisation came out in the first Tmeo collection.


la mujer de verde

arnaldur indridason·rba

No-one doubts that detective novels from the north of Europe are fashionable. Inspector Mankellen Walllander and later the Larssonen Millenium trilogy have been well covered by the media. They've opened doors to many other writers and stories. Amongst them, this story which comes to us from Iceland. A corpse found on a building site starts off two stories from different periods. A different, interesting detective novel.