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The “Selvas Magicas” drawings are the result of a boring Fine Arts class at the EHU. They’re just like any of the drawings you find amongst your lecture notes. You know, the ones that appear out of nowhere and seem to feed on the writing. As this strange new ecosystem grows in size, you find yourself having to buy new notebooks. This is what happened and what we had to do to give “Selvas Magicas” breathing space of its own. You’ll be able to see the adventures of these wonderful little plants and animals on internet soon.

These little animals still felt the need to explore new fields and, with the help of friends and followers, they found their way onto t shirts that in turn were sold or given away. They have now set their sights on the world of design and decoration and we don’t know what these little buggers will get up to next... world domination, perhaps?
Juan Maidagan has worked as a scriptwriter for several TV shows. He has always worked in comedy. Beatriz de la Vega started working in the world of set decoration on Alex de la Iglesias’s Accion Mutante and then she directed a short film "Los Goikoetxea". The film won an award at an international film festival for women directors. She continued to work with Arri and Biaffra on El Dia de la Bestia and Torrente films. She also worked on many short films and she soon got stuck into her second short film, Sarabe, as a director.
Juan and Beatriz have worked together to make the group Def Con Dos’s video clips.
They are currently involved in the “Selvas Magicas” project. They have been around a few shops and music festivals, spreading the word.

Selvas mágicas:
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