art under the bridge txo!?   I  angul + txo!? A Saturday in Autumn. It’s about 12 midday. There is something strange going on under the Rontegi Bridge in beside Bilbo. There’s a small marquee sheltering a couple of chairs and a buffet table. 25 people have just descended from a bus there. A little further on, at the base of one of the giant pillars holding up the bridge, there is a bunch of about 5 or 6 people. We can make out three incredible cameras in front of them focusing on a girl in a wig on a phosphorous motor cross bike. She’s strutting and pouting for the camera. The girl is Begoña Muñoz. She was born in Iruñea, spent some time in Bilbo and then went off to New York and Amsterdam as a performing artist. Right there beside her is the man with the camera, Olaf Breuning, the Swiss photographer who lives in New York and Zurich. Both of them working on the one job. Both of them working on their own project.

There are two pieces of art coming together side by side on this sunny Saturday. Olaf has been getting something together for one of his shots all day. It will soon be on display, all 4 x 6 metres of it, at an exhibition in Zurich. Begoña is giving her performance an unusual realistic touch and this time round her performance is based on the creative process behind a record. So, her performance has become a record. Consonnik, who are normally involved in the production of artwork, are working with Arteleku on the production.

Begoña started getting things ready in France with the help of Maxen Ciryn. Javier Pez, Madelman and others of their ilk will do the mixing work later on. She spoke to Olaf to see if he could come up with something for the cover.

Consonni asked The Balde along and we got to see things first hand. We went along to spend the day at the camera shoot, to witness the giant photo being formed. All of us there witnessed the give and take created by the whole process.

Begoña’s performance, along with it’s music and lyrics will be available shortly. It will enable Olaf’s photograph to overcome the boundaries of the exhibition in Zurich. The 30 or so of us who were there will also be ambassadors to the music and the photography.