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splinter cell expected for nov. 22nd

Metal Gear 2 for PS2 is out and Ubi Soft have said that there will shortly be a version for Microsoft. Tom Clancy, the American writer who sells tonnes of fascist drivel, is responsible for the script; hordes of evil terrorists and kind humane marines. No doubt it will be one of the big players in Xbox’s Xmas campaign.


rare will only be programming for xbox

Another string in Mr Gates’s bow. We don’t how, but he’s managed to buy Rare, the game programmers responsible for all the best stuff from Nintendo for years. From now on they’ll be working exclusively on games for the Xbox. A 375 million _ monopoly!


steel battalion sold out in japan

Xbox hasn’t been much of a hit in Japan but the 20,000 copies of this Mech game were quickly snapped up. The reason why is that it will only be available for the Xbox and because it has the mother of all controllers with which you can manipulate a robot. You get to get inside the damn thing as it goes around knocking eight shades of shit out of everything. What Jap would turn their nose up at controlling Mazinger Z by using 2 joysticks, 2 pedals and 20 buttons each with a different use, eh?


the star fox adventure for the cube on nov. 22nd as well

We’ve already mentioned elsewhere that Rare shall soon be taking their leave from Nintendo. Before they empty their last clip however, they’ve got one more work of art to amaze us all with: Star Fox Adventure. As has come to be expected from Rare, it’s absolutely the dog’s bollocks in every department. It will undoubtedly be Nintendo’s most mentioned release at Xmas. All the same, it won’t hit European shores till the beginning of the new year. The Japs and Yanks will get their greedy little mitts on it first. Maybe Marco Polo will bring it to us from some seedy shop in Shanghai or the Colonel from some Mega store in Denver.


xbox 2 seen from the antipodes

Word has it that Microsoft have released version number 2 of their console. The biggest differences with the version we have over here are: the dvd isn’t as noisy and there are less chips. The current chips used to make security copies and to watch divXs on your Xbox are the ones that are missing of course. Microsoft reckon that this will enable them to stave off pirate copies for a while anyway.


house of death 3

Press the start button and start spraying lead. Blast those Zombies and any other living thing that gets in our way to fuckin’ smithereens.
We’re done for!! Are you dead already?
Press the continue button and start spraying lead. Blast those Zombies and any other living thing that gets in our way to pieces or we’re done for! Plug away indiscriminately or trigger happy mayhem or...