m-u housing (urretxu, gipuzkoa) ibon salaberria / asier larraza
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The two young architects Victoria Acebo and Angel Alonso have just finished quite an attentiongrabbing project in Urretxu. Two living spaces, caught up in constant play with light in a clear box. The “difference” of this project has rekindled our hopes that the old never changing ways of doing things will once and for all disappear. Over the last few years, our hilly landscape has been over filled with “neo baserris (traditional Basque farmhouses)”. This pseudoarchitecture has done nothing but cause pain to the memory of Basque farmhouse architecture. These are buildings that just imitate the image of the houses and offer nothing to the surroundings and what’s going on these days.
M-U etxebizitzak ( M-U housing) have taken a rather radical approach to the project in the hills of Urretxu; the shapes of the tree in the shade make the box look as if it were dangling in the air. The material used also causes the abstract box to ceaselessly blend into the greens and greys of the landscape and sky. It mirrors the local landscape...
When architecture is given a chance, it causes less damage to our memory, eyes and the surrounding landscape... all that we need is a client who has the daring to go for it.